Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nats back at the bottom

Busy day!

I had to make changes to all the stuff I’m tracking. That’s all four of them!

  • The Nats lost
  • Nats are once again the most hapless team
  • Dmitri Young had an error
  • Cristian Guzman continues to contribute nothing

Don’t get me wrong: the Phillies have yet to distance themselves from haplessness. But they are winning – and with another game against the Nats and an upcoming series with the Marlins, the Phillies are clearly not the most hapless team. The Nats have regained that position.

I have the feeling that today is the last day I’ll be able to use the term “ace” and be speaking of John Patterson. If he pitches poorly tonight, that’s it. He’s out or contention for “ace.” As I mentioned earlier, Matt Chico isn’t in contention either. So who will it be?

Any ideas?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shawn Hill, of course.