Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not so 'hapless' anymore

I took a long nap and awoke to see the Nationals in the midst of a winning streak. I was too shocked to blog. With the loss last night, everything starts to make more sense.

Other thoughts:

  • Dmitri Young still sits on only 2 errors. I find this remarkable.
  • Who isn’t on the Matt Chico bandwagon?
  • Casto will shine… at some point. At this point, he needs to go down and get some at-bats.
  • Who doesn’t love Robert Fick?
  • Virginia Tech hats a very, very nice touch yesterday.
  • Nats welcome the *hapless Phillies.

* The first team this season to be labeled “hapless” were the Nats. Now, it’s clearly the Phillies. I think this is something I should keep my eye on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yep...casto will shine...i'd bring him up now and play him the rest of the year...whats it gonna do? hurt the team? hahahaha...thats a joke...the team isnt goin anywhere this year...develop some young talent